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Recreational & Toys Insurance in Michigan

A motorhome is a great way to stay comfortable and in your own space even as you travel. It's essential always to have motorhome insurance as long as you own your motorhome. If you own one in Michigan and don't have motorhome insurance, call us today at Mitten Heritage Fraternal Society of Insurance in Berrville, MI.

Classes of Motorhomes

The price that you pay for your motorhome insurance comes down to several factors. One of these is the class of motorhome that you have. If you have one that is very large, as long as 75 feet, you have a Class A motorhome. Converted buses fit into this class, as well as motor coaches. If your motorhome is relatively small, and the living space doesn't go over the cab of the driving portion, you have a Class B motorhome. If you have a motorhome made from a cargo van with a camper section that fits over the cab, this is a class C motorhome. If you aren't sure which class your motorhome belongs to, you can ask one of our insurance agents for help.

Time of Use

Some people take their motorhomes out only occasionally. They might go out twice a year with it to travel and stay comfortable. Some owners take it out every weekend. Others live in theirs full-time. Your motorhome insurance policy will need to be crafted based on how often you use it. Being in it more often means it's open to more risk and will get more wear and tear. This makes insurance for full-timers more expensive. The motorhome's age and its make will also factor into the specifics of your policy.

Cover Your Motorhome

If you need insurance coverage for your motorhome in Michigan, contact us at Mitten Heritage Fraternal Society of Insurance in Berrville, MI to find out more about it and to get started.

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