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What Does Home Insurance Cover?

The agents at Mitten Heritage Fraternal Society of Insurance serving the Berville, MI area want you to know that home insurance is designed to provide protection against financial losses that you could suffer if your home is damaged or destroyed along with some of its contents.

While home insurance policies vary in the coverage they provide, there are certain things that they do cover if the image is caused by a fire, burglary, natural disasters, or acts of vandalism.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

Home insurance will cover the physical structure of your house as well as any outbuildings and attachments, such as your garage or deck.

Home insurance will also cover your personal items that are inside your home. These can include your clothing and furniture as well as your appliances, electronic devices, and other things you own. It is imperative to remember that personal property coverage does have limits, so if you have very expensive items, such as jewelry or rare artwork, you will want to add on a policy to cover those items to your regular homeowner insurance policy.

If someone trips and falls at your house and is injured, home liability coverage insurance is very important to have in place. This will help pay for that person’s medical bills and other expenses and even cover legal expenses for you if the person files a lawsuit against you.

If you have to relocate to a different home while your house is being repaired or rebuilt after it is damaged in some sort of incident, your home insurance policy can provide you with additional living expenses. This can include helping you with the rent of another place if you’re going to be displaced from your home for a lengthy amount of time or even a hotel stay, as well as meals and other expenses you may incur.

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