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Why Pet Insurance Is Important for Outdoor Dogs

At Mitten Heritage Fraternal Society of Insurance, we carry pet insurance for a good reason: because it’s a good investment for most pet owners. This couldn’t be more true for dog owners with pets who frequent the outdoors, where a number of potential hazards await.

Here are four of the most common (and costly) risk concerns for these pets:

1. Hazards of Extreme Temperatures

Harsh temps like the frigid ones we face in Berville, MI can make it challenging to keep canines warm in winter, while warm summers can pose concerns, too. Predominantly hypothermia, heat stroke, and dehydration, both of which are potentially deadly and require immediate emergency attention.

2. Parasite Exposure

There are quite a few parasites outdoors, including fleas, ticks, and worms. Not only are they pesky for pets, but they can cause serious discomfort and even diseases, many of which are transmittable to other animals and humans. Many of these issues can be avoided through preventive medicine, but serious infestations tend to require medical treatment.

3. Increased Risk of Injuries

Outdoor activities can be riskier than indoor environments. Common injuries include:

  • Predator Attacks

  • Puncture Wounds

  • Vehicles & Traffic

  • Lacerations

  • Accidental Poisoning

4. Development of Behavioral Problems

Should your canine identify another human or pet as a threat, they can bite or attack them. This can lead to a costly lawsuit that results in thousands of dollars in legal fees. While renters and home insurance may cover that, those policies won’t cover any issues your dog suffers.

We Are Here To Help

If you have a furry friend, regardless of whether they are a cat or dog, having pet insurance helps them get the care they need during both emergencies and routine wellness needs. Contact us today to learn more or get a quote for coverage. Mitten Heritage Fraternal Society of Insurance is here to assist the greater Berville, MI area residents. 

Emergency Preparedness Winter Car Kit

Having the proper items in your car during the winter can be the difference between life and death during a critical situation. The items listed below can help provide comfort and save your life. Along with the following items, you’ll want to be sure you have a fully charged phone before hitting the road. This can also save your life should an emergency arise.

The Basic Supplies:

These are the essentials. Remember that along with these basic supplies, you’ll need an adequate amount of gas. It’s important to check that your antifreeze is at the proper level as well.

  • Blankets – Even having one extra blanket can provide much-needed warmth and protection.
  • Extra clothes such as mittens, socks, hats, and jackets
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Jumper cables
  • Bottled water
  • A proper first aid kit with all the supplies that come in it. If you use something in your kit, replace it as soon as you get a chance.
  • Windshield cleaner
  • A simple multi-tool such as a Swiss Army Knife or a Leatherman Tool
  • Road flares or warning triangles

Extra Supplies:

If your area experiences extreme winter weather, it’s a good idea to keep these extra supplies on hand as well.

  • Non-clumping cat litter for gaining traction in the snow
  • A folding shovel
  • Sleeping bag
  • Small fire extinguisher (Class B or C for your car)
  • Tire changing essentials such as a jack and lug wrench
  • Paper maps
  • Compass
  • Snacks such as canned nuts or granola bars
  • Ice scraper
  • Tow strap or chain
  • Matches or lighter

You can pick from the many options on the market for emergency car kits, or you can take the above listed items and make your own based on your needs. Always remember to check these items and make sure they are still in working order every month. If something needs to be changed out, do so immediately, as you never know when you may need your emergency kit.

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