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Importance of Obtaining Landlord Insurance

Landlord insurance protects you against perils that can cause damage or loss to your rental property. As renting a home, condo or apartment is a business, landlord insurance is actually a form of business insurance to protect your valuable investment. If your rental unit is hit by an unexpected disaster, landlord insurance will help cover the repair costs.

At Mitten Heritage Fraternal Society of Insurance, we can customize your Berville, MI landlord policy to provide the exact protection you need. 

Importance of Landlord Insurance

As the owner of a rental property, you’re responsible for its upkeep and care. If your unit suffers structural damage due to a storm, your tenant will expect it to be repaired so he or she can continue living there. By covering the cost of repairs, landlord insurance can save you thousands of dollars out of pocket. If your unit is totally destroyed in a disaster, landlord insurance can save you from financial ruin.

Coverage Options

Landlord policies offer various coverage options to protect your rental property. These include:

  • Dwelling insurance to cover structural damage to your home, condo, or apartment
  • Other structures coverage to pay for damages to detached structures on the property such as a fence, shed, or garage
  • Personal property coverage to protect equipment that services your rental unit, such as a lawnmower, leaf or snow blower, etc.
  • Liability protection to pay for someone’s injuries on your property if you’re found negligent in causing an accident.

You can also obtain additional coverage against vandalism, burglary, or floods. By working closely with our agent, you can determine the type and amount of coverage you need, taking into consideration the condition and value of your property, the risks of damage, what you stand to lose, and your budget.

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To learn more about landlord insurance policies, contact Mitten Heritage Fraternal Society of Insurance. We proudly serve the greater Berville, MI region.

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